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Regaining The Lost Paradise: THE DIVINE WILL OF GOD

Regaining The Lost Paradise: THE DIVINE WILL OF GOD: The divine will of the God is the concept of God having a design for humanity and the desire to see that this plan is fulfilled. ...

Wednesday, 4 December 2013

Saturday, 27 July 2013

Ascended Master HILARION & Egyptian Great Mother goddess HATHOR

Ascended Master Hilarion is Chohan of the 5th ray of incarnation – the green and orange ray of healing, truth and knowledge. As Chohan of the ray, he focuses the Krishna, Buddha and Christ Consciousness of the ray.

Ascended Masters have had many lives on earth just like us, and through their ascension process they have ascended to a state of being where they have balanced their karma and no longer need to be reborn. Hilarion has had thousands of past lives and only a few of those are recognizable to us.

Most famously he is known as Saul of Tarsus who became the apostle Paul. As Paul he admits that Jesus humbled him on the road to Damascus, allowing him to bow to his own Krishna or Christ Flame and begin his ascension process in earnest. In this life he was also a 5th ray soul. He made his final ascension from body in his next life as Saint Hilarion in Palestine. As Hilarion he continued as a 5th ray soul, performing miracles of Healing.

Hilarion is also the Hierarch of the Green Flame of Truth and its Temple in Crete. The green flame is one of the 7 flames of Ascension. The green flame is to help us look at self-truth and self knowledge - for it is only in this truth of self can we move onto the pink flame of unconditional love - of self and the others.

He is here to help with true knowledge across all dimensions, not just this dimension but also fairy, and angelic knowledge to name a few. He is also working with communication - communicating what comes from your heart. He is a Master healer, facilitating much of the Wednesday healing that occurs in the Ascended Masters portal.

Hilarion is a loving kind Master filled with generosity of spirit. At this time, he is working with Cosmic Master Hathor.

Hathor is known best as an Egyptian Great Mother goddess.  Hathor is here to help those who choose to follow the path of the goddess.

Hathor has an aura of gold spirals. She is a 6th ray Master. The colours of the 6th ray are gold, purple and ruby and their variations.