Thursday, 12 April 2012

Have We Forgotten Who We Truly Are?

If the current universal turmoil and the bleak scenario is any pointer, it is unequivocal that humans are eternal beings who have forgotten their true disposition.

Do we as humans have serious attitudinal problems?

Do we find that other people always have a problem communicating with us? Do we find ourselves wondering what’s wrong with them and why can't they just get their act together?

These attitudinal problems can lead to nothing purposeful, but only conflicts.

Conflicts can occur at many levels within an organization, team or between two individuals.

How does a conflict initially arise?

Normally, conflict occurs because there is a divergence in views or opinions on what has happened, the facts, where we are going, the aims, goals and aspirations, how we get there, what methods and measures we take to complete a course of action and ethics i.e. the values or boundaries that exist for our or the group’s behaviour indicating what is acceptable or unacceptable practice?

In many situations conflict occurs as a result of subconscious behaviour and often the individuals concerned are unaware of how they actually reached the point where they are at loggerheads with others. Often we assume that it must be the other person who has the problem and that we have not done anything ourselves to cause that conflict. 

However, before we accuse another person of having the attitude problem, we must first ask ourselves if any of these apply to us. Come to think of it, we don’t even give a thought to it, do we?

Our basic grievance with regard to our education system is that it presents us with almost every concept of life in a distorted manner. For example, it teaches us that, Success is the key to Happiness. Whereas in practical reality the reverse is true, and, success is not the key to happiness; instead happiness is the key to success. If we love what we are doing, we will be happy and successful. In fact happiness is not a destination, it is a continuous journey.

The reason why there is so little happiness in our world is because of relative dependency. Happiness is not dependent on anything or anyone or found anywhere. We keep delaying our happiness until things will become just right in our lives. We think we will be happy in the future and then wonder why we are not happy now. Happiness is only possible when we are able to accept everyone as they are, at every moment, in every situation. That means and implies putting an end to judging or resisting others, complaining and blaming, criticizing and controlling and superficially competing with anyone.

The great churning of the earth’s psyche has been initiated and a new earth will be the likely fallout of this churning of the old and outdated concepts and belief systems; that have been outlived by our current time and dimension.

The world is calling for more people to step up and become leaders and grow into better contributors to society. All around, in every country, in every industry, in every organization, in every department, in every family this demand is present. And there is a place within all of us that hears this call to lead in our own way.

This blog serves to help hear and remember that call, and to leave no doubt in their answer. Let's be resolved to make ourselves and our world a better place together.

Monday, 9 April 2012

The Glaring Reality before the Entire Humanity

WE usually don't tell fairy tales and stories. But today we'll make an exception because the state of the entire humanity concerns us (i.e. the entire humanity is in dire straits).

So here goes:

Once upon a time (in a land far, far away of course) lived a very stubborn king with one son. Now like all parents, he wanted his son to study economics and politics hard so that one day he could take over the throne and become an even better ruler than his father.

But there was one problem. His son, the Prince, did not care at all for his studies or for becoming the king. The Prince's only wish was to play in the forest. Now at first the King tolerated this childish fascination but he soon became infuriated with his son's lack of discipline.

The Prince skipped lessons, avoided his tutors, and whenever the King sat down to pass on his wisdom, the Prince would simply look away, day dreaming of the forest.
This went on for a while until the King had enough. Shouting from the top of his lungs he screamed, "If you like the forest so much, then go live there! You are no longer my son!"

And so the Prince did exactly that and was banished from the palace immediately.

The Queen was heartbroken. For days she cried and pleaded with the king, "Please let our son come back home." But the King's mind was already made up. There was no turning back.
Months passed. Years passed. There was no word from the Prince and no mercy from the King.

One day the Queen fell ill and all the top doctors from around the world were flown into treat her. But to no avail. Nothing could save her. Except for one thing and that was her son, the Prince.

Her heartbreak had manifested itself into a fatal disease and the only cure was to see her son back at home safe and sound.

Unfortunately the King was too stubborn. He refused to go into the forest looking for his son. Instead he sought advice from a wise Sage who told the king this, "Send your best men into the forest to find your son. When they see him, they will offer him whatever he wants. Of course your son will say that he wants to go home. He is of royal blood. He will surely ask to return back."

The king was thrilled with this strategy. As, he would save his face and cure his Queen at the same time.

So off went the King's men in search of the Prince. When they did find him he was starving, sickly, and scared. They told the prince, "The King has decided to grant you any wish. Whatever you desire, you will get it."

The Prince thought about it for a moment and finally he said, "I want some straw for a pillow." He could have asked for anything in the world and instead he asked for straw. The Prince had forgotten who he was.

Think about this story. Does it sound familiar?

Have we, as humans been asking for a straw, when we could have asked for the universe?

The Universe is willing to give us whatever we desire but if we've forgotten who we are, and hence we end up with only a straw.

Are most of the humans like the Prince? Have we forgotten who we truly are?

We know that this fairy tale is pretty heavy, but we want the entire humanity to take a moment and ask themselves this question.

Do drop us a comment with your thoughts….