Saturday, 25 August 2012

Jesus’ Vigil of the Hours

“With the communion and blessings of my savior and Lord Jesus Christ, it has been my hope of the first magnitude to hold contact with an army of Light upon earth who would draw forth and sustain such power of Truth and action held in the invincible matrix of Truth that would enfold all the souls.”


In a universe of absolute goodwill and perfection, it must be recognized that the freedom to choose, known as a free will, has permitted mankind to depart from the perfection of God and to act as a creator in his own domain. Hence there have sprung into manifestation, along with the good men are wont to do, myriad forms and concepts which utilize divine energy to spawn a shadowed veil of substance and thought which is distinctly antichrist in nature. 

         As the warning sounded forth of old to beware of the antichrist, so mankind in this hour of trial must understand that the earth has a very old residue comprising the energy records of past history. These have been sustained largely through custom, and they exist as a temporary force of evil until challenged by the power of Light – for evil has no permanent reality except in the continuous mis-qualification by mankind of the pure energies of God released to all daily. 

         The reactivation and revitalizing of ancient foci of evil is accomplished, then, by contemporary man in most cases inadvertently, but in accord with a scheme perpetrated by the hordes of shadow, who have to the present hour refused to bend the knee and acknowledge the power of Light in their own beings or to confess the divinity of beloved Mother Mary as well as of the Christ radiance as the divine mediator between God and man.

My Humble Prayer:

O Great Shepherd of Souls Lord Jesus, thou Christ of God and Son of the Most High and O divine Cosmic Virgin beloved Mother Mary, we call unto thee and the great hosts of heaven to assist us as we call in thy name to all souls upon earth to hear the voice of Love, Wisdom and Power that invokes for them communion and blessings without limit, that gives to all a new sense of freedom and hope and that awareness of thee which is oneness in purpose, plan and infinitude.

O consecrated essence of the sacred fire, descend, we pray, upon all lands and seas and sky. Bless elemental life and all that we pass by with the healing power of the hem of thy trailing garment of ever-new delight in the law of thy being. This is the Law of Love, eternally sustaining the brightness of thy concepts over the earth and the souls of all men. Make them one even as we are one.

Hence the need for the Guardian Action:

We must propose to conduct Jesus’ Vigil of the Hours in various areas/locations/cities all over the world. 

Friday, 10 August 2012

Archangel Michael Taking a Momentous Leap of Faith

When you learn to trust your intuition and believe yourself powerful and worthy, that is when you begin to align yourself to the loving presence of the Divine that dwells within each and every one of you. When you believe in yourself and trust that you can accomplish your goals, you begin to see all the help that is available to you now and that you will indeed receive all help that you need. Listen to your body and your heart for they know what is right for you”.

“Dearly beloveds it is with great honour that I join with you this day. You are such brilliant sparks of light; it is a pleasure to sit in your energy, just as much as it is a pleasure for you to sit within our love. There is no greater honour than to be a human in lesson on the earth at this time. It is humbling to watch and assist in the transformation that is taking place in your time. We of the angel realm are so very honoured to be your assistants and servants of the light and to help you bring more light and love unto your world.

It is not always easy and we are with you in your darkest hours, holding you and loving you. When you feel that sense of despair and are discouraged from your path, it is in those times that you should call in your angels and ask them to help you find a better way. Share your heart with us as we do not judge, we only love you. These dark nights of the soul as you like to call them, are really a death, a letting go of an old, outdated you. Your thoughts, feelings and energy have changed so that the old no longer fits. There are times when your entire life feels as if you have awakened in a different dimension and you don’t know how you fit in anymore, or sometimes some of you felt you never really did. Rest assured dear lightworker, you are not alone and there are many on the planet going through the same. We hear your cries and pleas, knowing you have done this before and wondering why you once again find yourself back in this same place. We ask you to see more and realize you are no longer in that place. This time you know you want something different or you would not be feeling such disillusionment and despair. It is time to release any unfulfilled expectations from the past and let go of any feelings of less than, as these hold you back from making the progress that you seek. We wish that we could show you how we see things from our side so you would know how truly right it all is, and if you find yourself somewhere feeling all alone and lost, this is the time for you to take the momentous leap of faith and trust that there are far better things that lay ahead for you than anything you have left behind. For you are still here, and there is more you want to do, that is how you know the best is yet to come. You say, but dear Michael, I have lost such great love, or wealth, or health, and I say to you, we know, we feel your plight, we want for you to understand that you will, and you want to grow beyond your current state for that we have given you nothing without your consent, co-operation, blessings and love. If you find yourself someplace that you no longer want to be, we are here for you and are indeed helping to light your way.

We tell you miracles occur every day on your planet and you say, but dear Michael, I have asked for you and god to fix my life, and we see nothing but more suffering and we say, “Look around for love, gratitude and blessings right there where you are where you see only pain and suffering. Look to see the ones that despite all olds, still know love and healing exist.” You do not need to be down on both knees before you stop and take the time to see the gift in where you are, and what is the best and highest way for you to complete this part of your journey. Possibilities increase as your trust and believe in alternatives. As well, detaching from the form of which they appear. Signs can come in many forms and we give to you the ones we think are best to guide you on your way. Perhaps you are drawn to a particular course of study or training, or an opportunity to pursue a hobby or a passion that feeds your heart in greater detail. The possibilities are limitless, so keep an open heart and mind. There just might be a particular person, experience or event that opens up new paths of thought and understanding for you now. Take these opportunities, even if the timing doesn’t feel quite right, and pursue the avenues that are available to you now. Trust that more will come to you as you progress along the way and it will indeed become so obvious, you will wonder how you could have been missing all the signs all this time.

We can offer you deep insight into understanding the what, where, why, how and, what was I thinking with humour and with love, which is how we suggest you always approach your journey – keeping this in mind. Each of you is a significant part of a greater whole and is just as important as any other light that is disguised as a physical being on your plane. Understand that each and every one of you is of equal importance in the scheme of the master plan and have a valuable contribution to make. You are no less important than any other being and we ask that you see yourself as a vital, quiet, modest being who knows your own worth and value. No one else needs to know this, for they will see and feel the changes that you make and then one day they will ask you for your magic secret. This is when it is your opportunity to synthesize all the awareness’s you have learned and kept in your store house of experiences for the moment to let your steps in mastery be your guide for others along the way. And step into the role of teacher at this time you will.

When you learn to trust your intuition and believe yourself powerful and worthy, that is when you begin to align yourself to the loving presence of the Divine that dwells within each and every one of you. When you believe in yourself and trust that you can accomplish your goals, you begin to see all the help that is available to you now and that you will indeed receive all help that you need. Listen to your body and your heart for they know what is right for you. If the thoughts energize you, pursue them, if they don’t, let them go. Ask yourself what is holding you back right now? It could be that you have a fear of failure or of success, that you do not trust yourself, or feel unworthy, whatever it might be. Rouse your spirit with your power to love and use that power to find your voice: ask your angels to be present in your life and know that you can achieve anything in your life if you set your mind and heart to it. Believe in yourself and trust that you can and will find a way.

Let your angels support you. Let us give you comfort and enable you to realise you hopes and your dreams. We can help you boost your positivity and change the circumstances in your life to better reflect the inner you and make the changes that you seek. Say out loud or to yourself, we prefer out loud as there is more conviction from your heart, the areas in your life where you feel you need support and then release the matter to your angels and trust that you will be helped and receive the answers that you seek. It is through trusting and unshakable belief; you can increase the flow of universal energy that is sent your way. Watch for signs of help from people, places and things. Be open to the possibilities and say thank you when you notice them along the way.

Let go of old ideas, feelings and situations that no longer serve your growth. These opportunities have helped you progress your life, even if you cannot see it yet. It is time to let them go so you can let the new energy enter and move forward with ease. Release, Release, Release. Shed your old skin and emerge from your cocoon . Sort out any area of your life that is holding you back or draining your energy as it is time to let them go. Let go of any painful thoughts or memories that allow for an old wound to fester and know that it is time to heal those wounds and let them be the catalyst that shifts the tides in your healing journey back to wholeness. The freedom that you seek is by releasing the ties that bind you to lower thoughts, objects and things. Imagine me cutting away the vines and ropes that bind you with my lightening sword of Truth and feel all the negative energy move away so that you are free to move forward with much more joy and ease. There might still be some constraints in your everyday life that are an essential part of your spiritual journey. We wish to remind you that you have a choice in how you act and respond. Make the choice to act from love instead of reacting from fear. Trust your intuition – the messages from your heart – and ask your angels to lend you courage to follow your heart, to break free from any imagined restrictions and to soar high, acting in love for both yourself and every other being of light that is flying with you, above you and beneath your wings. Choose to be free, choose to be your true self and soar.

Know that you are powerful and that this power lies within your spiritual awareness. It is within you to trust your inner wisdom, stand your ground when necessary and speak your truth from your heart always tempered with the energy of love. True power exists when it is used with the force of love. And, so we counsel you to use this power wisely. If you need to speak your truth, choose carefully the words so that they reflect your true spirit and the nature with which intent to impart this knowledge. Choose words that protect everyone involved and yet convey your messages with love, light, honour and respect, just as you too deserve mirrored back to you. There might be times when you are confronted by another human angel that seems to have no love or light in how they treat others. We ask you then to beam them love and know that they can never control or influence you without your consent or knowledge and you are safe and protected always by my light. Ask your angels to help you say no to anything that does not feel right to you and strength and courage to turn away. Act from your infinite self, in the highest light possible for you right now and for the greater good of all.

Know that you are protected by my angelic shield of light and that nothing or no one can ever truly harm you. If you feel vulnerable and need to shield yourself from negativity or negative energy from others, take the time to protect yourself in an orb of light cloaked by your angels to help you be more effective in your everyday life. We can help to safeguard your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual selves so that you feel your spirit is protected and you can do your spiritual work. Imagine yourself, or ask your angels and trust that it is so if you are not visual yet, to encircle you in an orb of light, wrap you in a cloak of light or place you in a bubble of light, it matters not which one you choose, it matters that only that it is symbolic to you. As with all your symbols and images, choose ones that empower you, and give you a sense of well-being. If it offers you power over instead of power with, then you know that it is energy of a time past and not of the highest light. Thank it for what it has given you and set it free. Then, choose a symbol that represents your true or authentic heart and assign it its new duties and responsibilities. Since colour is easy to visualize or understand, choose what they mean to you.

White light is associated with purity, protection and light. Ask yourself what you feel when you think of white light and let that be your guide when using a cloak or orb of white light.

*Reproduced from my universal brother Dieter Braun’s blog:         


A ‘Walk-In’ could exist, but would likely be a form of human tampering and not an actual soul replacement within a body. God and humanity (at the soul level before incarnating in physical form) has allowed this tampering as part of the third grand experiment.  souls in human form can basically “Check Out” of their bodies but like the ‘Hotel California’ you can  ever leave or have your silver cord be cut until death of physical body. Many people involved in horrific satanic activities come to mind as those who are extra susceptible to mind control, because they do not know the soul light within and thus are susceptible to tampering. These ones often simply live as slaves to the body (watch any popular musical video to confirm this) - Slaves to the Five Senses (with far distant soul contact) - many of these celebrities of our society are highly programmed from birth, or mind-controlled or are higher, programmed to mesmerize and thus, mind control the masses.

Programming the billions for dissociation from self, a great disconnect within, and while these souls - housed-in-body can be tampered with, the silver cord tethering each soul to it’s assigned body, cannot be broken, except in death. And so family and friends find that time to close your eyes, meditate, bask in your soul light and walk back into your light.

Susan Sloane adds: It sounds to me as if there is some confusion of terminology between a walk-in and possession. In my experience, the Being that is the walk-in is an aspect of the over-soul, also known as the soul family.

As the Over-Soul, or Higher Self, ‘oversees’ the concurrent incarnations, (as time is an illusion, there are no ‘past lives’ – they are all happening now) could it be possible that a ‘future self’ could inhabit an incarnation already manifest? In my opinion yes. And just like anybody else, there are issues to work out with ego, illness, karma etc., but I believe the human soul is created pure. It’s the distortions of evil that have mucked things up.

Possessions by demons on the other hand, can turn a warm, loving human into a monster. I’ve had firsthand experience with this unfortunate
ly, and learned on my feet (so to speak) how to clear them.

So, I’ve got to go with Beloved Jesus on this one. He is the best Teacher when one seeks for Truth in any subject matter. 

*Reproduced from my universal brother Dieter Braun’s blog:         


God is NOW, within these pages, bringing forth the EIGHTEEN Logical Cosmic Laws of Balance of God and The Creation, written in explicit detail with MANY examples given for YOUR careful consideration and recognition of Truth. Why? To let there be NO misunderstanding of HOW and WHY you, of humanity have lost your inner as well as planetary BALANCE. You ones have broken EVERY Law set forth herein and have, therefore, suffered the consequences of your errors against GOD and against LIFE. You each now have be-fore you YOUR “roadmap” back home to spiritual wisdom, knowledge and Truth which is GOD. Will YOU see? Will YOU hear? Each ONE of you, being fragments of GOD and of THE CREATION must and will make this choice: To wisely learn your lessons in Truth, abide by the Laws and thus EARN your Spiritual UNITY and Freedom within God’s Kingdom OR continue in the darkness of deception, ignorance and spiritual poverty which will keep you bound in the Anti-Christ’s “illusion” of separation. THIS cycle is about to END. The new cycle will BEGIN anew in the GLORY and Celebration of cleansing within and without of ALL fragments of ANTI-LIFE. WILL YOU JOIN OUR FATHER/MOTHER CREATOR GOD in His Divine Holy Kingdom of LIFE? God awaits your decision. So be it.

*Reproduced from my universal brother Dieter Braun’s blog: