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What is The CAVE OF LIGHT in the Himalayas?

It is A Mighty Powerhouse of GOD'S LOVE and, A Great Blessing of LOVE, HAPPINESS, and ABUNDANCE.

Ascended Lady Master NAJAH is One of the Guardians of the Cave of Light, which is described in the last chapter of the book, The Magic Presence. The Cave of Light is a Mighty Powerhouse of God s Love, Happiness, and Abundance. Najah, is the sister of beloved Chananda, the Head of the Indian Council.

Lady Master Najah teaches and assists the youth of the world, and often appears as a young girl in parts of India and China.

The Cave of Light is the retreat of the Great Divine Director (Seventh Root Race Manu) in the heart of the Himalayas in India. His second spiritual home of light is the Rakoczy Mansion in the Carpathian Mountains of Transylvania. 

The Great Divine Director is a great initiator on the path of the Ascension, and one of the purposes of the Cave of Light is to conduct activities to prepare and accelerate candidates for the ascension. Here, the Great Divine Director uses his authority to purify the four lower bodies of advanced initiates of a portion of their remaining karma, to give them purified vehicles to render a cosmic service in the world of form prior to their ascension.

When this dispensation is accorded to worthy chelas, their remaining service to life is magnificently accomplished because their consciousness has become the perfect focal point in the world of form for the release of the entire Spirit of the Great White Brotherhood.

On occasion, un-ascended life-streams are taken in their finer bodies to the retreats of the Brotherhood in order to be trained for special service in the world of form that requires superhuman strength and certain disciplines that can only be imparted to the un-ascended initiate in the retreats. Thus, Jesus was taken into the Luxor Retreat and into the Temple of the Blue Lotus prior to his final three-year ministry.

Mighty Light Focuses in the Cave of Light:

The Great Divine Director has spoken of some of the magnificent focuses of light within his retreat:

Do you know also that even in the Cave of Light in India there are replicas of light-magnificence concerning liberty and freedom? Do you know that the replicas and symbols of divine light for and on behalf of America were created by the ascended masters, and they are talismans of great power. Out of these talismans, beamed by the angelic beings and focused by a greater power than in the ancient Atlantean crystals, manifests the intention of Almighty God for this nation!

Mother Mary on the Cave of Light Within:

Mother Mary has spoken of the Cave of Light as symbolizing the secret chamber of the heart. The Blessed Mother explains that:

Only in the secret chamber is there safety when outer turmoil prevails in the seven bodies of earth, in the seven layers, even above the surface of the earth. Therefore, you see, my secret chamber is also as a secret chamber in a great pyramid, a secret chamber in the mountain of God.

In all eras, initiates procession-ing into the interior place prepared have signified that the hour is come when for the individual and even for a civilization there is the great in-breath - not that which draws in all of a cosmos, but that drawing in, beloved, of the seven rays of attainment that these might be condensed into the crystal that is formed in this interior castle.

There comes the hour when the expansive manifestations of attainment, of God-mastery, even the accumulation of abundance must now be condensed. And that which is the heart and the essence of the harvest then becomes the nucleus of crystal, harder than rock or diamond. This substance, beloved, begins to form the cave of light.

Now you understand the use of the term 'Cave of Light' by the Great Divine Director. Blessed ones, his Cave of Light is a consecration to the eighth-ray chakra and the secret chamber of the heart. Not only is it a place of safety, a haven of initiation, not only is it the place where the soul puts on, enters into [the Christ consciousness], but as Christ assimilates her, so the soul and the Christ become one. Thus, in the next round, when going forth from the secret chamber as from the tomb itself, beloved, the soul steps forth fully the manifestation of Christ, the Body and Blood of Christ, the Sacred Heart of Christ.

Thus may you understand a mother's teaching in this hour of the commencement of initiation of the five secret rays - five levels, then, of the secret chamber of the heart, as though five spherical, interlocking chambers. May you enter, May you understand, May you know.

Going to the Heart of the Inner Retreat is another symbolical and actual entering in. Blessed ones, I bring this initiation to your attention, for the hour is coming when you will know the meaning of the words.

Beloved Najah conveyed the following on the Mighty Light Focuses in the Cave of Light in her discourse:

“I wish you to feel today how close you can come to that Powerhouse of Light, which it is My Privilege to help Guard. Great are the Blessings which have poured forth from the Cave of Light throughout many, many centuries, and those Who have Guarded, have naturally been the ones who have received much of that Blessing.

Did you fully understand what that Cave of Light means; did you fully understand the Power which is There; did you understand what It could do for you, you would not forget Us. So today I AM here to remind you of Our Presence, because there are many Gifts which are the natural Outpouring from that Cave of Light - Gifts which you can have just as well as you can have air to breathe; Gifts which will bless you, all you contact and will pour forth through you to the rest of mankind, and will raise everywhere you go all that you contact. So I AM here to remind you of some of Our Gifts!

Now if you will begin to use the phrase: 


Try this expression for a week and see for yourselves That which becomes a permanent part of your world. Then will you find the Desires in your Hearts - Desires which have been the Divine Plan of your Life Stream from the beginning, Desires that should have long ago out-pictured their manifestation in the physical octave - you will find Them fulfilled one by one in the natural sequence of normal events of the outer world, I mean mental. From Our Standpoint, that begins to set your world in Divine Order, and then will your Hearts leap with Joy as you realize the things you are going to bring forth this time are imperishable.


Strange isn't it that Those Gifts of such magnitude, so freely offered which are Eternal in Their Blessing and Happiness that We have to come into the darkness of the outer world and beg mankind to take Them. Strange isn't it, this darkness, into which mankind has continued to explore in it’s sinking, sinking, sinking desires!"


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